Webhook Endpoint - C#

This example project can be used to receive webhooks from Marketplacer, demonstrating a number of important use-cases.

Node.js and GraphQL


In this c# / .NET project we stand up a webhook endpoint that receives webhooks from Marketplacer and:

  1. Lists the headers attached to a Marketplacer webhook
  2. Demonstrates how you can add custom headers to enable simple authentication
  3. Sends back a http error code of your choice
  4. Demonstrates how HMAC can be used to ensure payload validity
  5. Demonstrates how you can ensure you process webhooks “in-sequence”
  6. Demonstrates how you can parse the body payload
  7. Demonstrates how you can understand what has changed between events

Solution Components

Runtime.NET (v8+)
Marketplacer APIN/a
Webhooks usedOperator or Seller Webhooks
Data StorageSqlite

Getting Started

The code for this project can be found here, along with a detailed readme that helps you to get up and running quickly.

Companion Video

We also have a companion video that takes you through initial application set up, and demonstrates 2 of the 7 example uses-cases.

You can find the video in the operator video collection here.