Deprecation Process

Overview of our approach to deprecating functionality on the GraphQL-based APIs.


From time to time we’ll want to deprecate, and ultimately remove, functionality from our GraphQL APIs (in this case the Operator and Seller APIs).

Reasons for this can include, but are not limited to:

  • A field is no longer used
  • We have a better existing alternative
  • Too complex / non-adherent to our API design principles.

The Process

The key points of our deprecation process are as follows:

  • Deprecated fields will be marked as deprecate in the relevant GraphQL schema, this will also include:
    • The intended date the field will be removed
    • The alternative field to be used

It is the responsibility of the API consumer to keep abreast of field deprecations, and take timely action to move to the alternatives. For further details please refer to the API Terms and Conditions.