Most Used Mutations

More detailed reference documentation for the most commonly used Operator API Mutations


advertUpsert allows you to both create and update Products (aka Adverts) in Marketplacer


Multiple external IDs can be attached to most Marketplacer GraphQL object types, enabling API consumers to reference objects using their own identifiers.


metadataUpsert allows you to add custom string attributes to your objects, this is useful when the standard Marketplacer data model does not contain the attributes you require


orderCreate is used by all Connected integrations to create orders in Marketplacer.


The refundRequestCreate mutation is used as part of both the standard and advanced refund workflows supported by Marketplacer. It is used to start the refund request process


refundRequestReturn is used as part of the standard refunds workflow to mark the goods as having been returned.


refundRequestRefund is used to approve the refund request