Start Here

This section provides a suggested learning path for working through the examples for the Seller API.


Marketplacer is a large product, so if you’re new to working with it, it can be overwhelming! So this guide has been created to help you navigate which topics you may want to focus your attention on first.

It should be noted however that this is just a suggested approach that most developers working with the Seller API would take, however each example is self-contained so you can work through them in any order you like.

Beyond the resources listed below, we do of course have articles and videos on many more subjects that you can explore at your leisure.

Suggested Learning Path

1OrdersQuerying OrdersLearn how to return your Orders (aka Invoices) from MarketplacerQuerying Orders
2UtilityPaginationLearn how to page through large result sets to avoid overly long individual API callsPagination
3ProductCreating ProductsLearn how to create Products (aka Adverts) to sell on MarketplacerManaging Products
4ShipmentsCreating ShipmentsLearn how to dispatch your Orders by creating ShipmentsCreating Shipments
5RefundsRefundingLearn how to use the refunds flow to create order Cancellations and ReturnsRefunds
6ProductAdvert VettingLearn how to retrieve Adverts rejected via the vetting process and resubmit them with corrective updatesVetting Products

Seller Integrations

Most developers working with the Seller API will be building an integration that will do the following:

  • Create / Update Products
  • Retrieve Orders
  • Dispatch Orders

With this in mind we have produced a Seller Integration Walkthrough video that covers these topics using the Seller API: