Feature Matrix

Side by side comparison of the features provided by the Seller API (GraphQL) and the Legacy Seller API (REST)

The following matrix outlines the current functionality available to Sellers through both APIs (REST & GraphQL).

ObjectOperationLegacy Seller API (REST)Seller API (GraphQL)
AdvertRetrieve Advert(s)YesYes
AdvertCreate an AdvertYesYes
AdvertUpdate an AdvertYesYes
AdvertDelete an AdvertYesYes
BrandRetrieve all BrandsYesYes
BrandSearch for a BrandYesNo
ImageRetrieve an Advert or Variants ImagesYesYes
ImageCreate Images on Adverts or VariantsYesYes
ImageUpdate Images on Adverts or VariantsYesYes
ImageDelete Images on Adverts or VariantsYesNo
DocumentsRetrieve an Adverts DocumentsYesYes
DocumentsCreate Documents on an AdvertYesNo
DocumentsUpdate Documents on an AdvertYesNo
DocumentsDelete Documents on an AdvertYesNo
InventoryRetrieve a Variants InventoryYesYes
InventoryUpdate a Variants InventoryYesNo
InventoryDelete a Variants InventoryYesNo
InvoicesRetrieve Invoice(s)YesYes
InvoicesSending an InvoiceYesYes
InvoicesReadying an InvoiceYesNo
InvoicesMarking an Invoice as CollectedYesNo
Refund RequestRetrieving Refund RequestsNoYes
Refund RequestCreating a Refund RequestNoYes
Refund RequestUpdating a Refund Request as returnedNoYes
ShipmentsRetrieving ShipmentsYesYes
ShipmentsCreating a ShipmentYesYes
ShipmentsUpdating a ShipmentYesNo
Shipping ProfilesRetrieving Shipping ProfilesYesYes
Multi StoreRetrieve multi store membersYesNo
TaxonRetrieve all TaxonsYesYes
TaxonSearch for a TaxonsYesNo
VariantRetrieve Variant(s)YesYes
VariantCreating a VariantYesYes
VariantUpdating a VariantYesYes
VariantUpdating count on hand for many variantsYesNo
VariantDeleting a VariantYesYes