Most Used Queries

More detailed reference documentation for the most commonly used Seller API Queries


advertsWhere can return: published, unpublished and deleted products (adverts). It will only return a result set if you provide at least 1 filter argument.


The brand is a key piece of information required to create a product. This query allows sellers to retrieve brand reference data from Marketplacer with a view to creating products.


The externalIds query allows you to retrieve objects by external ids.


The invoices query provides a wide range of filter criteria to return a set of invoices.


The node and nodes queries allow you to directly return objects by their Id. This can be useful when you want to return an individual object quickly (e.g. query an individual invoice)


The refundRequests query allows you to return a list of refundRequests


The taxons query allows you to return the categorization hierarchy, or Taxonomy as it’s referred to in Marketplacer.